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All our products are based on synthetic pyrethroids (related to the natural pyrethrum plant extract).

Synthetic pyrethroids are environmentally friendly and have been proven safe in sensitive  situations for many years.  All are registered and approved by MAF and ERMA (Environmental Risk Management Authority NZ).


Our treatments are safe for you, your family & pets.  We will provide you with all the information you need, for both before & after the treatment. You can rest assured we only use proven and tested products licensed to be safe for humans and pets.  Bait Treatments  if required are housed in approved containers and positioned to minimise any risk to children & pets


We recommend treating pests before they establish themselves and get out of control.  Most pests once established can reproduce quickly, and before you know you have a large population that is difficult to manage or eradicate.

Treating pests early saves you money and is more effective.


Discourage pests by keeping their food source limited. ie compost bins are and ideal source of food for many household pests.  Consider changing to a worm farm. David has built one for our use and is happy to advise on this low cost alternative.

Wiping down benches with a weak solution of bleach and water.  Keeping window and doors covered with a fly screen




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